about the movie

Swedish title: Baderskor

An artistic video with big, naked women with sturdy tinghs, arms and breasts who are floating and moving in a clear water lake.

The women are filmed with waterproof video equipment under the water surfice. They move in slow motion, swimming, floating, lying on the bottom of the lake with their heads above the surfice in a beautiful pose. Their breasts are rolling back and forth in the wawes. They become just like Rubenfigures with their heavy arms and wide thighs with reflexes of the sun dancing on their white bodies.

Original music, with strings and soloists in the form of song and saxophones are accompaning the movements of the women.

A film by Per Wichmann

Music Lars-Åke Franke-Blom
Strings from Norrköping Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Lennart Falkebring
Song: Ingrid Aareskjold
Saxophones: Mats Gustafsson

Mermaids -Siv -Ingela -Kristina -Maria

Post production: Greger Svanström,Opus Mediatech

A project with support of
- Culture 98 in Norrköping, Sweden
- County Governement of Östergötland, Sweden
- Strömma Sweden
- National Museum of Work, Norrköping, Sweden
- Norrköping Rehab

Playing time: 12 minutes

- Mermaids, and a 30 minutes documentation of its production, have been shown twice on Swedish national television in 1999.

-Mermaids has been performed a couple of times outdoor on a huge screen made of white cloth. The screen is 350 square meters in size and the moving bodies give a magnificent impression when they are shown in this giant formate.

Outdoor performances:
September 1998 in the Industrial Landscape of Norrköping, first perfomance
August 1999 in Nyköping, a town 100 km south of Stockholm (the film was only performed during the last rehersal).
August 1999 in Norrköping on a festival for outdoor films.
Mars 2000 in the very centre of Söderhamn, a town 200 km north of Stockholm

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