-rituals in the name of brotherhood

Swedish students who enter highschool are nowdays more frequently subject to initialization rituals called hazing where they are treated in a bad manner by older students. In my documentary "Hazing" I show how these new students are initiated in two schools in Sweden. These insults would never be accepted in other parts of the society. It is volontary to participate and become a victim but if you don´t join you are not welcome to the party after the first week in school. On this party the youngsters around 15 to 16 years of age are served a lot of beer. They get so drunk that some of them start puking.

Hazing is spread all over Sweden and occurs in many other countries. Disregarding the drinking parties, the hazings are open to watch and are observed by parents and friends. A lot of adults don´t like these traditions but they are not able to stop it, not even the police, polititians or teachers. Lame efforts have regularly been made but the adults are remarkably taken aback.

The documetary is 53 min long and has been shown by television broadcasting companies In Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Arvid Lind composed new music and Fredrik Morheden edited the film. Hazing was a cooperation with the Swedish Television and with support from Film i Öst, County Governement of Östergötland, Sweden, The University of Linköping and The City Council of Norrköping.