T H E H O R S E & T H E C A T
about The Horse & the cat

They were published about 90 times both in Sweden and abroad. And the interest is still hanging in there and everytime the photos have been published people call me up to order posters.

Unfortunately Åskan isn’t with us any more but Grim is fine and is Lena Mannerheim’s most popular horse. He is working together with Lenas other Icelanders with horsebackriding at Gäversta farm outside of Norrköping, Her address is: http://www.gaverstad.se/

If you want to order a poster, please email Pelle Wichmann. Also mention if you want the poster with “3 pictures” or “1 picture”.

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Tina is taking care of the distribution of the posters. Here the poster is shown with “1 picture”.