The web of longing

A multi-slide and music performance that is a tribute to the old workers and their struggle for a better existence.

Web of longing describes Norrköping and it’s workers a hundred years and 15 years ago.

Photos: Pelle Wichmann

Music: Lars-Åke Franke-Blom

Also older photos from:
-Holmens archives
-Norrköping City museum archives
-Workers association archives

First performance in "Hörsalen", Norrköping 1984

Norrköping symphony orchestra Conductor:
Atso Almila

Web of longing has been performed later on several occasions among others at the opening of the new conserthall Louis de Geer in Norrköping.

Technical work: Arne Flink, Åtvidaberg

A project carried out with support from Norrköping local authorities. Holmens Bruk and governmental support.

Screen time: 21 minutes

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