T H E H O R S E & T H E C A T
about The Horse & the cat

The picture of the horse and the cat was taken in the beginning of the eighties when I was living at Grenholms manor outside of Norrköping.

My neighbour Lena Mannerheim called me up one day and told me that her Icelander Grim and the cat Åskan (Thunder) were playmates. The cat jumped up a post to the horse’s pasture. Grim came up and poked with his muzzle at Åskan who answered with a stroke against the horse. Grim affectionately snapped as horses do but it went crazy when the cats tail was caught in Grim’s bite.

And it got even crazier when Grim lifted Åskan by the tail and let him hang dangling upside down. But nice old Grim soon put the cat down who immediately climbed the post again. And that is how the game continued.

I went over to my neighbour Lena with a loaded camera. I took a lot of photos but none with the cat hanging by it’s tail. However, there were a lot of other good pictures.

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