-Who is Pelle?

Originally I am from Stockholm where I grew up in the Old Town in a picture environment. My father was an artist, an autodidact enthusiast. In 1969 I moved to Östergötland and since then I have lived and worked there. For the most part I support myself on commissioned work that comes from advertising agencies, government, [local government] and county council and so on.

-I am associated with the [Swedish Photographers Association]. An important part of my photographic work is that it is free which means that I take pictures without any buyer. The pictures can for example become exhibitions or multi-slide presentations. During the last few years I have also started to make film.

Despite all the years as an official photographer I still can feel pleasure in Photography, to be able to create pictures where the essential is not just what is on the picture but also how it was taken. My work has now become even more stimulating because I have the possibility to use my interest in making images when I am filming.

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Pelle Wichmann, 15 years old,
sitting with camera.

1979 The Art saloon “De unga”, Stockholm
1984 Norrtälje Art gallery
1985 County museum Östergötland
1987 University of Tammerfors
1988 National gallery, Stockholm
1989 Art museum Norrköping
1991 Travelling exhibition in Östergötland
1994 Art forum Norrköping
1996 Gallery Kronan, Norrköping
1997 Gallery C, Luleå
1998 Hannåsa estate during “the week of the art”, Hammenhög, Österlen

Multi-slide presentations
1984 Web of longing
1997 Paradigm

1987 Web of longing (stillfilm)
1998 Mermaids
2002 Hazing - rituals in the name of brotherhood

1986 The future Östergötland
1996 Norrköping- the city by the stream
1999 Kneippen - A century

Scholarships, grants
State visual artist fund:
1981, 1983, 1985, 1988, 1991, 1993 and 1997
County Council in Östergötland 1981
Norrköping state government 1985

Photographic Museum, Stockholm
County museum in Östergötland
Museum of Art Norrköping