Park landscapes in night-time
A series of colour photos with motives from parks during night.
To be able to bring out certain details as for example a rock or a bush I combined exposures with flashlight.

The collection was shown in 1991 as a travelling exhibition in different local governments in the Swedish county of Östergötland. It was arranged by Norrköping Art museum in the same county.
Patina pictures
At the end of the seventies I started more and more to take pictures with a large-format camera with a negative size of 20x25 cm.

In those days I often looked for environment that was a state of strong mouldiness. Maybe as a wish to get away from the modern and often rational poor environment that nowdays is surrounding us.

The result of the Photography was in somewhat 30 pictures, which has been exhibit at for example:
-1987 The University of Tammerfors
-1988 National gallery in Stockholm
-1989 The Art museum in Norrköping
-1989 The Hospital in Värnamo

By the power plants, still
By the power plant is an ungoing project which I strated in 1992. I visit different counties taking pictures of power plants fired by coal. Besides I am photographing people standing in front of these powerstations and make interviewes with them. They are able to talk about what is most important in their lives. The powerplants in the background symbolizes one of our biggest questions of today, how to get energy and how to survive. My plan is to publish the pictures in a book and make an exhibition. I am also making a documentary film with the interviews that I make.

These countries are represented: England, Germany, Greese, Poland, Idia, Bangladesh, Taiwan and Japan. The project is supported financially by the Swedish Broadcasting Company( SVT), Film in Sörmland, Längmanska stiftelse and State visual artist fund.