Röster om vår tid
By the Power Plants
The steaming cooling towers of coal power plants are both beautiful and frightening. They are everywhere on our planet, but the people living in their shadows we rarely get to meet. In this film they tell us about the most important things in their lives, about what is closest to their hearts. Shot in front of these massive symbols for the big question of our times, the testimonies create a subtle and moving drama.

By the power plant is a short documentary fimed in different European countries, England, Greese, Germany and Poland. It has been screened on festivals all over the world and was the winner of Tempo documentary shortfilm festival 2020.
Pictures of large women floating in the water
A collection of pictures of big, naked women with sturdy tinghs, arms and breasts who are floating and moving in a clear water lake. In the water they become just like Rubenfigures with their heavy arms and wide thighs with reflexes of the sun dancing on their white bodies.

1996 Gallery Kronan, Norrköping, Sweden
1997 Gallery C, Luleå, Sweden
1997 Norrköping Rehab, Norrköping, Sweden
1997 Norrköping Environment and Energy
1998 Hannåsa estate on Österlen, Sweden
1999 Vinslövs art soceity at Hedbergs, Vinlöv, Sweden

The exhibition “Mermaids” consists for now of 14 black/white photos. “Mermaids” has been presented three times in television, both regional and national television. In 1996 I decided to make a film on the subject Bath attendants.
Patina Pictures
At the end of the seventies I started more and more to take pictures with a large-format camera with a negative size of 20x25 cm.

In those days I often looked for environment that was a state of strong mouldiness. Maybe as a wish to get away from the modern and often rational poor environment that nowdays is surrounding us.

The result of the Photography was in somewhat 30 pictures, which has been exhibit at for example:
-1987 The University of Tammerfors
-1988 National gallery in Stockholm
-1989 The Art museum in Norrköping
-1989 The Hospital in Värnamo
Hästen & katten
The Horse And The Cat
The picture of the horse and the cat was taken in the beginning of the eighties when I was living in the countryside near Norrköping, Sweden.

My neighbour Lena Mannerheim called me up one day and told me that her Icelander Grim and the cat Åskan (Thunder) were playmates. The cat jumped up a post to the horse’s pasture. Grim came up and poked with his muzzle at Åskan who answered with a stroke against the horse. Grim affectionately snapped as horses do but it went crazy when the cats tail was caught in Grim’s bite.

And it got even crazier when Grim lifted Åskan by the tail and let him hang dangling upside down. But nice old Grim soon put the cat down who immediately climbed the post again. And that is how the game continued. I went over to my neighbour Lena with a loaded camera. I took a lot of photos but none with the cat hanging by it’s tail. However, there were a lot of other good pictures.

It´s possible to order a 50x70 cm poster with the pictures. If so please email me, Pelle Wichmann. There are two versions of them, one with a single picture and one with tree pictures. Please tell me witch poster you want, the one with “3 pictures” or “1 picture”.
-rituals in the name of brotherhood
A collection of pictures of initialization rituals on a highschool. Swedish students who enter highschool were earlier frequently subject to initialization rituals called hazing where they were treated in a bad manner by older students. In my documentary "Hazing" I show how these new students are initiated in two schools in Sweden.

I was taking these pictures on a highschool nearby where i lived 1985 till 2001. The pictures has been published in some Swedish newspapers. Hazing is an international fenomina. In French it´s called bizutage, in German Mutprobe, in Russian dedovshchina, a s o

During this period I was also filming the same activities which was screened in some Scandinavian broadcasting companies.

Watch the film HAZING here
Parklandskap under natten
Park Landscapes In Night-Time
A series of colour photos with motives from parks during night. To be able to bring out certain details as for example a rock or a bush I combined exposures with flashlight.

The collection was shown in 1991 as a travelling exhibition in different local governments in the Swedish county of Östergötland. It was arranged by Norrköping Art museum in the same county.